10 million trees in 10 years...

The South Carolina Floodwater Commission launched “Power Plant SC,” an ambitious effort on Earth Day, 2021 to plant three million tree seeds – assisted by citizens, students, churches, non-profits, municipal governments, private sector partners and other civic-minded organizations and volunteers. On South Carolina Arbor Day, December 3, 2021, the next phase of PowerPlantSC will be announced in Marion County as part of ongoing effort to plant 10 million trees in South Carolina over 10 years.


Aware of the role that forested areas play in flood mitigation, water filtration and carbon storage, the Floodwater Commission will continue its effort to engage communities across the state in tree planting to create greater resiliency strategies for the Palmetto State. Duke Energy has graciously contributed to Power Plant SC 1310 3-gallon trees to residents to plant in their own yards. The tree giveaway events are happening in the City of Marion, Nichols and Mullins in Marion County and in Conway. The trees being given away are a variety of urban hardy species well suited to the area. All of the trees given away will have a tree tag with planting directions.


For each tree planted, 60 gallons of water run-off is avoided, 443 gallons of rainfall is intercepted, and 133 pounds of carbon dioxide is sequestered annually (estimates are based upon USDA Forest Service research).