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PLT helps educators help students HOW to think, not WHAT to think, about environmental issues

The learning activity reprinted herein was developed by Project Learning Tree® (PLT), which provides instructional materials for early childhood through grade 12 and carefully designed professional development to support student engagement and environmental education.

Project Learning Tree uses trees and forests as windows on the world to increase students’ understanding of the environment and actions they can take to conserve it. Since 1976, PLT has reached 138 million students and trained 765,000 educators to help students learn how to think, not what to think about complex environmental issues. 

PLT helps develop students’ awareness, knowledge and appreciation of the environment, builds their skills and ability to make informed decisions, and encourages them to take personal responsibility for sustaining the environment and our quality of life that depends on it.

Project Learning Tree® (PLT) is an initiative of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Grade-appropriate lesson plans to supplement PowerPlantSC